This my website.

Who you?

I am a professional jack-of-all-tech: sysop, networking, diag/repair, code monkey, CSR, etc...

I am currently working as a systems administrator in higher education.

I'm happily engaged to a wonderful girl.

I'm interested in the creation, editing, and general design of digital imagery, sound, and video.

I love full, acoustically diverse music with lots of instruments, like jazz fusion and symphonic metal.
My taste is very diverse.

I like to watch plot-driven action, mystery, and psychological movies and anime occasionally.

I enjoy writing of all kinds and expression through language; mostly manga nowadays.

I want to learn a foreign language—current interests Finnish and Japanese—but I never get far.

I haven't yet found a culture I find enviable and would love to move out in the middle of nowhere.

If there were any piece of media able to describe me at any moment, this is it.

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