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The file happy_phrases.ini is a configuration file used by the SourceMod plugin FuncommandsX, created by Spazman and Arg! It added various commands, one of which was sm_happy. Using sm_happy player would enable "happy mode" on that specific player. While "happied", any chat messages sent by the player would be replaced with a random line from the happy_phrases.ini file. The command was particularly good to deal with annoying players, or just for fun. I installed FuncommandsX on some old Team Fortress 2 servers that I administrated, both personally and for the Dalokohs Club crew.

As time went on, the file expanded and accepted lines of text from various sources—as long as it was inanely vapid, egregiously misspelled, hilariously offensive, or just plain stupid, it was acceptable to be added to the "happy". Eventually the file reached nearly 6,000 lines in length. And even after I stopped administrating TF2 servers, and even stopped playing the game regularly, more lines continued to be added. The file is now nearly 10,000 lines long.

The file has some restrictions, speaking to its origins in Source games:


The file is available here for your viewing pleasure. Please note the happy is racist, sexist, and every other ‐ist. If you're a sensitive nancy, don't read it, simple as. Here's a sample:

I'm ready to get Spemanned.
Are you local at all?

9995 lines and counting...



Got some particularly terrible bullshit burning a hole in your clipboard? Submit it here and it will be reviewed for inclusion in the phrase list.



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